VENUE CHANGE: Media History Seminar on Editing Reference Works on Print Media (12 Mar 2019)

PLEASE NOTE that the location has changed:
Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 18:00
King’s College London
Room 6.01, Virginia Woolf Bldg
22 Kingsway, London WC2B 6LE

Join us at the next Media History Seminar featuring Prof. Andrew Thacker and Prof. Andrew King on the subject of editing reference works on print media.

Andrew Thacker,  ‘The Magazines of Modernism: Challenges and Perspectives’

This talk will address some of the issues that came up when editing the original 3 volumes of the Critical and Cultural Histories, particularly around selection of magazines, periodisation, scope, and the organisation of the volumes overall; also about the next series of volumes, on Global Modernist Magazines, the work for the first volume of which (on magazines in South America and the Caribbean) is nearing completion.

Andrew King, ‘Switching: Creating Reference Works for Nineteenth-Century Serials’

When we consult a reference work instrumentally, we want help to find something we think might exist. The text, however discursive it may appear, is usually organised as a set of categories that lead from the more general to the more precise, and the reader is encouraged by a hierarchy of “switches” or choices to find what she wants. The question that we must address concerns how the reader uses the switches we supply: do we, as initiators of reference works, want the user simply to accept them by making them invisible and effortless, or do we want to highlight the difficulties that each switch actually involves and ask the reader whether the answers she is searching for might result from a casual assumption of the deja connu? Must we choose ourselves choose the switch between rapid but problematic positivism and hesitant, clunky theory, or is there a way to combine them? The talk explores these questions by first discussing the standard reference works on nineteenth-century serials and then outlining the processes that went into the creation of The Routledge Handbook to Nineteenth-Century British Periodicals and Newspapers, its companion volume Researching the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press: Case Studies and the as-yet-under-construction Work and the Victorian Press and

NOTE: The March 2019 meeting location has changed to King’s College London, Room 6.01, Virginia Woolf Bldg, 22 Kingsway, London WC2B 6LE (map)

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