Media History Seminar on the ‘Editor-Function’

All are welcome at the next Media History seminar to hear Matthew Philpotts’ talk titled ‘So, what DO editors do? The Editor-Function and the German Literary World in 1930’. The seminar will take place on Thursday January 21 at 6pm in Senate House Room G37.

Here’s a brief overview of the presentation:

Taking as my starting-point Patten and Finkelstein’s wide-ranging discussion of the role of the Victorian periodical editor, in this seminar I shall explore the diverse realisations of the ‘editor-function’ in a synchronic corpus of ten German-speaking literary and intellectual journals from the year 1930. From the extreme ‘editorial singularity’ (Timms) of the performer-editor Karl Kraus in Die Fackel to the ideologically conditioned collective-editors of the Marxist revolutionary Die Linkskurve, from the established collector-editor Martin Bodmer in Corona to the young opportunist-editor Martin Raschke in Die Kolonne, I shall examine the relationship between the discursive attribution of editorship and the reality of editorial practice. Throughout, the emphasis will be not so much on the historically specific German case as on the typological and generic conclusions that can be drawn from it.

And a bio:

Matthew Philpotts is Senior Lecturer in German Studies at the University of Manchester. He co-authored the history of the East German literary magazine Sinn und Form (2009) and recently guest edited a special issue of Victorian Periodicals Review (Return to Theory, Fall 2015). He is currently completing a monograph on the role of the periodical editor in twentieth-century Europe. You can read more about him here:

Further information is available through the Institute of Historical Research ( and the Institute of English Studies (